Thank you for choosing Aprotect.

Medical Face Mask

Single-use. 3-ply. Non-sterile. BFE 99%.

50 pieces of single-use masks sealed in one box.

For anti-pollution, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection.

Directions For Use

Remove a mask with clean hands.

Carefully remove one piece each time to minimise contamination.

If the mask is contaminated, discoloured or torn, please use a new one.

With the nose wire edge at the top, secure the mask with the earloops.

Adjust the moldable nose wire across your nose.

Adjust the sides of the mask to provide an adequate seal.


When you wish to dispose of the mask, please regard it as a biohazardous item and do so in the

appropriate manner.

Masks are designed for one-time use. Never reuse a worn mask.

If you experience breathing difficulties during wear, please remove the mask.

Masks have passed the required bio-compatibility tests. However, if you experience skin

sensitivities or irritation during wear, please remove the mask.


Please store in a clean, cool and dry place.

If the seal is found broken upon purchase, please refer to your retailer for assistance.