How We Came To Be

Urbanisation has its perks – convenience, variety, modernity. But along with it, the hazards of pollution and diseases. Maintaining health and hygiene has now become an important chapter in a city dweller’s lifestyle.

Aprotect was born out of necessity during a pandemic, to produce quality healthcare and medical products (such as face masks) for businesses and consumers. But our uncompromising search for excellence stems from a sustainable vision, one where manufacturing these top-grade medical supplies means supporting this evolving urban conversation.

We didn’t want to just solve a shortage – we wanted to solve the problem.

To say you are “in clover” also means you are at ease. Adopting the 3-leaf clover in our logo, it evokes confidence when you use an Aprotect product. Seen also as a statuesque tree in its silhouette, it recalls what underpins this – our unwavering commitment to the highest quality.

Aprotect aspires to imbue every user of our products with a sense of safety and wellness.