Better Protected

Aprotect believes that when it comes to health, there can be no compromise. That is why when manufacturing products, we invest in quality materials and adhere to stringent standards to provide you with what you deserve – a piece of mind.

Our decision came from solving a real need, and so our uncompromising solutions are kept world-class to keep everyone safe.


About Aprotect Pte Ltd

A new subsidiary of Apro – one of Singapore’s largest security services company – Aprotect Pte Ltd has the same DNA of protection, but in the field of healthcare.

Our first product – the single-use face mask – answers a very pressing need for affordable, quality masks made accessible to those who need that protection. Our processes are one of the strictest in Singapore, and we will continue to deliver best-in-market products at a competitive value to grant everyone equal protection.


How We Came To Be

Urbanisation has its perks – convenience, variety, modernity. But along with it, the hazards of pollution and diseases. Maintaining health and hygiene has now become an important chapter in a city dweller’s lifestyle.

Aprotect was born out of necessity during a pandemic, to produce quality healthcare and medical products (such as face masks) for businesses and consumers. But our uncompromising search for excellence stems from a sustainable vision, one where manufacturing these top-grade medical supplies means supporting this evolving urban conversation.

We didn’t want to just solve a shortage – we wanted to solve the problem.

To say you are “in clover” also means you are at ease. Adopting the 3-leaf clover in our logo, it evokes confidence when you use an Aprotect product. Seen also as a statuesque tree in its silhouette, it recalls what underpins this – our unwavering commitment to the highest quality.

Aprotect aspires to imbue every user of our products with a sense of safety and wellness.